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Interesting facts

Why Polish translation?

The answer is simple: a growing, booming Polish market. If your company is looking to compete
in Central and Eastern Europe, then Poland is definitely the first place to start.

When doing business in Poland, professional human translation is a must. Do not expect to
close a business deal or impress your clients with spotty software translation. Only through
human translation, edited and customized to your target audience, can your meaning be honestly
conveyed and your audience not be offended.

Iinteresting facts about the Polish language

About 46 million people speak Polish. The longest word in the Polish language
is Konstantynopolitanczykowianeczka (32 letters). It means: a little girl from Constantinople.
Polish has a complex gender system (neuter, feminine and 3 masculine — personal, animate,
inanimate). There are 7 cases and 2 numbers (singular and plural). Nouns, adjectives and verbs
are inflected and noun declension and verb conjugation are very irregular.

The Polish language belongs to the West branch of Slavic languages, along with the Lekhitic
languages (Kashubian, Polabian), Czech and Slovak. Due to historical and geographical reasons,
a number of languages had a strong influence on Polish. It was significantly affected by Latin,
German, French, Italian, Russian and English.

Speaking Population: 46 million

Where Spoken: Poland (primarily). Also in Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada,
Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania,
Romania, Russia (Europe), Slovakia, Ukraine, UAE, USA (mainly by immigrants).